Here For You, Because of You

We live to benefit the community that's been in our corner since 2004.

You entrusted us with helping you grow, and in return helped us grow the brands you've come to rely on like Washington Breakfast Club, Holiday Charity Bash, Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors and Wingman SOARR. You helped us create victories for you and many others.

Thanks to you, we're two decades better and wiser. Here we go!

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How we got here

GovCon Club is the result of many journeys coming together. The original journey began in 1988, the year Guy Timberlake was introduced to federal contracting. In 2004, he and Margaret launched The American Small Business Coalition, creating a meeting point and community for others traveling on this road.

Today, many of those same travelers have found their way back to that same meeting point. They tell us they’ve come to contribute to and partake of the abundant fellowship, guidance and opportunities, prevalent the first time. Will you join us, too?

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Latest News

  • Unlocking Agency ID Codes video now available!

    • Wednesday, February 17, 2021
    • | Posted by GovCon Club Staff

    Psst. We have a question for you. Do You Know Government Contracting? We do and we're sharing what we know in a series we call "Do You Know Government Contracting?" or DYKGovCon.   

  • TRACTION Nominations for January 2021

    • Tuesday, February 2, 2021
    • | Posted by GovCon Club Staff

    (The GovCon Club staff is excited to announce the very first nominations for our TRACTION Award. These nominations recognize members for activities contributing to the growth of the GovCon Club community, through January 31, 2021.

  • Establishing TRACTION for Members

    • Tuesday, February 2, 2021
    • | Posted by GovCon Club Staff

    For those times when driving on ice and snow can't be avoided, traction tends to be top-of-mind. Having it means you're in a good place and headed for your destination. Not having it means, well, you may end up in a neighbor's front yard and risk losing an invite to the next cookout. That said we're here to talk about a different use of the word traction, and begin the appreciation program that shines a light on members of the GovCon Club community.

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