About Us

Why Are We Doing This?


The first time we created a community focused on solving the puzzle of government contracting,  it was 2004 and we were The American Small Business Coalition. Truth be told, we and the individuals and companies who ventured with us at that time, had no idea what to expect. For companies pursuing contracts and subcontracts with Government agencies and the companies providing essential services to them, it was a true ground-floor opportunity. To our collective surprise and far beyond anyone's expectations, it paid off. Tremendously and for over a decade. 

New companies acquired their first contracts and existing companies captured more contracts. There were small companies, mid-tier companies and large companies, and there were small companies that became large. Some companies acquired other companies and several small companies were acquired. Community successes were not limited to Industry, however. We assisted several federal agencies in the Civilian, Defense and Intelligence sectors with outreach and market research efforts, providing them with no-cost and low-risk efficiencies to achieve agency objectives. As a result, hundreds of companies submitted invoices for work against their awarded contracts and subcontracts totaling billions of dollars in agency obligations.

Now, we're doing it again.

Today, as we launch GovCon Club™, we have the added benefit of eyes, ears and instincts forged in the successes and failures we've experienced since 2004. Our team is highly motivated to re-energize and re-establish the culture of giving and inclusion embodied by the members and friends of The American Small Business Coalition. Today, this culture is still celebrated, being leveraged and creating value for members, partners and beyond.

You're invited to join us as we reimagine, reshape and resume the community, culture and winning ways of The American Small Business Coalition.

Celebrate Wins

That's why we created this community. No matter how small, a win is a win, and victories deserve celebrations. Everyone here is rooting for and contributing to your success.