Committee Structure

Operational Committees

There are six (6) top-level committees responsible for day-to-day operations of the member community. They include:

  • Three (3) Agency Program Committees (Civilian, Defense and Intelligence)
  • Opportunity Insights Committee
  • Education Programs Committee
  • Membership Experience Committee

Each of these committees welcomes the participation of every GovCon Club member, and each is led by a team of four leaders we refer to as the CORE4. The CORE4 is comprised of:

  1. Committee Chair
  2. Deputy Chair
  3. Marketing and Outreach Director
  4. Program Content Director

CORE4 positions are application-based leadership opportunities for GovCon Club members. We've created job descriptions, conduct interviews and clearly establish expectations to ensure an optimum experience for the member-volunteer, their team members and the member community as a whole. The CORE4 members of these six operational committees also make up the membership of the executive committee known as APEx.

What is APEx?

The Agency Programs Executive Council or APEx, is the sole, member-driven executive entity of GovCon Club. APEx is responsible for long-range planning and development of content, processes and resources for the member community, and collaborates regularly with staff and the Founders Council to ensure the success of the community.

Celebrate Wins

That's why we created this community. No matter how small, a win is a win, and victories deserve celebrations. Everyone here is rooting for and contributing to your success.