Establishing TRACTION for Members

For those times when driving on ice and snow can't be avoided, traction tends to be top-of-mind. Having it means you're in a good place and headed for your destination. Not having it means, well, you may end up in a neighbor's front yard and risk losing an invite to the next cookout.

That said we're here to talk about a different use of the word traction, and begin the appreciation program that shines a light on members of the GovCon Club community.

What is TRACTION? For us, it represents the very essence of The American Small Business Coalition's growth, from a few in 2004, to quite a few in just a couple of years.

Growth by traction resulted from Industry and Government members sharing the benefits they derived from the community, which had a direct and very positive impact on our ability to support the overall member community. That blueprint for success is etched on our brains as we begin the era of GovCon Club.

The definition that most strikes our fancy is this one:
"the extent to which a product, idea, etc., gains poularity or acceptance."

The value of members and member-volunteers is without question. Our job is to maintain their inspiration and their reason for being here. With that, the team at GovCon Club is proud to announce our very first member appreciation program, TRACTION. It represents one way we hope to achieve success by recognizing and inspiring our members to be here. Click here or the image below for more about the TRACTION Award.


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