Founders Advisory Council

The GovCon Club™ Founders Advisory Council (Founders Council) is comprised of leaders from Government and Industry contributing their unique knowledge and skills to enrich the overall member experience. 

The Council, as authorized by the President and the Chief Executive, concurrently represents the interests of the member community and organization. Under this authority, they offer insights and guidance for achieving and sustaining optimum alignment between community needs and organizational goals.

Council Members participate in long-range planning activities and take part in go/no-go determinations related to new program development and program revisions. The Council has regular communications with the membership community and engages with members to ascertain the effectiveness of GovCon Club programs.
Inaugural Founders Advisory Council

Celebrate Wins

That's why we created this community. No matter how small, a win is a win, and victories deserve celebrations. Everyone here is rooting for and contributing to your success.