Where it Began

The truth is, the organization that became The American Small Business Coalition™, had a very different charter. It was started by Margaret Timberlake and was to offer Administrative Services to small businesses seeking HR, general administrative support and more. She asked her husband, Guy, for a little help and the rest is was history!

When we launched The American Small Business Coalition in 2004, we did not envision the impact of national job creation, enduring relationships being formed, and billions of dollars in contract and subcontract revenues realized by our members.  

This time we do!

Today, as we launch GovCon Club™, we bring eyes, ears and instincts forged in the successes and failures we've experienced since 2004. Our team is highly motivated to re-energize and re-establish the culture of giving and inclusion embodied by the members and friends of The American Small Business Coalition. It's a culture we find being celebrated and leveraged today.

GovCon Club empowers Government and Industry with practical visibility and access to the information, knowledge, and relationships considered key to making forward progress.

Built on an indisputable culture framed by the members, partners and staff of The American Small Business Coalition, GovCon Club continues the unwavering commitment to helping companies and agencies succeed. Our rich legacy of actively cultivating victories for our members and partners is something we will build onto, significantly.

Celebrate Wins

That's why we created this community. No matter how small, a win is a win, and victories deserve celebrations. Everyone here is rooting for and contributing to your success.